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Which driverless car would you like to ride?

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As the market is shifting with a disruption to the traditional automotive market, the opportunity provided the industry player to create a necessity to help and bridge the necessity of needful areas. The major attraction is with the design and the mileage cover. Which one will you ride?

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The car with an option from manual to driverless switch or the complete driverless mode. The driverless cars are designed with slogans, for riders and not for drivers.

A delight for engineers to showcase their powerful skills. The vehicle driving on sensors completely interacting autonomously. Well, isn’t it supposed to be the future and completely justify the type with no drivers?

It is providing an opportunity for more leg space and a more efficient way of driving around the cities. However, the need to generate trust is also very important among consumers.

It is also creating a market where there is no need for a license anymore? Since, the vehicle being designed without any driver seat, no steering wheel, pedals, or clutches. A vehicle running on software with an electric battery. A kind of change in how we used to see the vehicles being designed.

In my opinion, I like the concept of no driver seat and more place for riders only. Ample space and experiencing vehicle in new design and not just the traditional style we are used to from long century.

The more futuristic design is approached, the more conceptual design will be laid out. The opportunity is also providing comfort for the riders to relax and have a pleasurable way of seating.

Moreover, the driverless taxi is something I would like to see first on the road as it will provide an opportunity to experience the new mode of technology without even aiming to have one or enjoy the ride-sharing experience uniquely.

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