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Who are the smartest players in Autonomous vehicles?

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The automobile segment is the most vulnerable and the high revenue-generating market is going through a rapid change with new technology and the intensity of R&D in such technology has just reshaped the world with a different point of view. The industry of autonomous vehicles is one of the strongest market holders.

The market not only opened the door for new possibilities and opportunities but also changed the different styles of fuel and driving concepts.

Some players intensely investing in the self-driving concepts are — Waymo, GM Cruise, Zoox, Nuro, Pony.ai, Nissan, Baidu, AImotive, AutoX, Roadstar.ai, WeRide/JingChi, Aurora, Drive.ai, PlusAI, NullMax, Phantom AI, NVIDIA, SF Motors, Telenav, BMW, Carone/ Udelv, Toyota, Qualcomm, Honda, Mercedes, SAIC, Apple, and Uber.

The top five countries recorded in 2019 for AV- preparedness are: — The Netherlands, Singapore, Norway, United States, and Sweden. Ironically, Germany known as the land of the auto industry didn’t cut the top 5 list of AVs.

The competition seems cut-throat, but somehow the new players are conquering the market of AVs, even though BMW is launching its new autonomous vehicle concept by next year, a new refined model but the other car manufacturers are lagging far behind in terms of R&D investments or even showing a complete interest.

How many of them will survive till 2030, is this also a challenging situation? Who will win or dominate the race? Will the early bird investing in the market be able to sustain for the long term or the late joiners? Still, now the developed markets are showing keen interest in the AV models but will it remain up to that or the market will be stretched beyond the horizon.

Only time can tell what’s going to happen in the race of newly developed Autonomous Vehicles.

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