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What is the “withstand limit” in power peaks?

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Irrespective of the platform, the performance requirements for fully electric or hybrid vehicle platforms remain the same. How products in connection process inrush or peak current is mainly a discussion topic by many automotive manufacturers and suppliers?

Battery-powered powertrain’s connections are developed to withstand current peaks over several milliseconds but the current need is a product with currents of 200A with a current withstand peaks of 250 to 300A and not just milliseconds but over a minute.

250A is the minimum requirement for connectors with a continuous current capability of 300A. Therefore, the connector manufacturers need a test program with a contact system for currents that are more than 200A. The conclusion also shows that other operating conditions must also be taken into account.

But one important thing to consider in the peak limits is sealing and shielding. One of the important things is protection against water ingress and it is vital at high currents and thereby it’s Sealing.

The Sealing is expected to be with future connectors that have a touch-protected version with protection class IP20 as per IEC60529. In addition to safety precaution, the technology with leading contact will be used in products with properties that are special to extend the typical separation time into the millisecond range.

Another important thing is shielding where the car is usually operating in an extremely hostile environment with EMI i.e. Electromagnetic Interference and RFI i.e. Radio frequency interference.

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