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The new ZF Smart Camera 6

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A new generation of smart cameras has been launched by ZF suppliers for camera assistance systems. A detailed 3D all-around has been designed with the Smart Camera 6 to help in recognizing complex traffic situations.

It is equipped with more computer power and with a high resolution of eight megapixels. The view is increased from 100 to 120 degrees in the horizontal field. It also got a new feature of over-the-air software updates.

The processing of images is in a new image processing module. The new image processing module 6 was able to process signals from sensors such as radar and lidar. In 2025, production started for both components. The performance of conventional assistance systems can be enhanced with the use of such cameras and also in the autonomous vehicle, it is possible. At the CES electronics trade show in Las Vegas, the debut was made by technology.

Source:- Autohaus

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