Which UN SDGs are important in Sweden?

Even though Sustainable development goals have been laid out for every country and need to be followed by every citizen but isn’t it going to be different for every country to adopt such goals and implement them in their life for a better goal.In Sweden, the scenario shows that people have a different opinion for […]

How Sweden searches for sustainable corporation?

As the target of every corporation has been fixed to achieve its Sustainable development goals, so how do the normal citizen can find out the information about which corporation is acting on which SDG and what kind of sustainable information can be found out from Sweden’s corporation? A survey on which UN SDG is important […]

What are the opinions of genders buying sustainable funds in Sweden?

In Sweden, awareness regarding sustainable funds is on the rise. It is strongly considered to be important to invest to a large extent. Around 95% of the Swedish people consider its extension to be quite large whereas 4% consider it to be quite small. The purchase of sustainable funds in Sweden also shows the importance […]

Why sustainable fund is gaining importance in Sweden?

Have you ever wondered, the importance of the sustainable fund in Sweden? A major goal of introducing any kind of schemes or funds to attract your customer is first the necessity to gain 100% trust from them. The problem in today’s era is due to so much fraud and problem due to recession, reliability and […]


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