Why purchase electric vehicle in the Philippines?

Have you wondered or thought about who influences the decision to purchase some new items be it vehicles, smartphones to digital gadgets? Why purchase a diesel car over a petrol vehicle? Why purchase a certain brand? Do we enjoy life with luxurious segments? Is it the influencer or our role model? Is that because it […]

What energy storage systems are mainly used for electric vehicle?

Even though hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicle do possess certain challenges, energy storage system are something, electric vehicles are facing trouble to be adapted. In conventional batteries, the behaviour of pulsed power and energy content are considered to be the best performance. Two major issues identified in vehicle applications are life cycle and abuse tolerance. […]

Which countries are important in the battery cell production?

The race to the production of the domestic battery cell. The battle is not just between the developed countries but also between the emerging and developed countries. The countries forecasted to be dominating the market in the production of battery cells are China, the USA, South Korea, Japan, and Germany. As per the survey report […]

What models other manufacturers are offering in HEV?

In the US, the new launch from Ford was Fusion, Escape, Mariner, and Milan. The HEV is provided in a different price range. Ford Fusion is available at US$ 27, 950, Escape at US$29 860, Mariner at US$ 30 105, and Ford Milan at US$31 915.The Base model price for Ford is from the range […]


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