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Can solar panels be used for charging electric vehicles?

As the sustainable goals are becoming very important in our day-to-day life and so the trend of adopting electric vehicle. However, a major dilemma is an availability of charging stations for electric, hybrid, or plug-in hybrid vehicles. The use of solar panels can be used efficiently to convert the solar energy so that in large numbers, the electric vehicles can be charged up.

In 2016, an article was published where solar panels on the France road was laid on in a Normandy village. It was a 1Km route with a capacity of generating electricity with 2,800 sqm. In 2014, in the Netherlands, a solar-powered cycle path was opened to generate 3,000Kwh of energy. The major hurdles are the cost of installment but in a long-term prospect can be beneficial where the charge of the electric vehicle is super-fast and effective. 

In my opinion, the new modes of charging can channel energy transmission effectively and sustainably. The newer ideas and new ways of thinking in using solar panels come to picture so do the solutions in integrating solar panels not just for a limited way of using it commercially but also monetizing with the latest trends. The solar panels can also be used in the parking space or even in big industrial sectors where in collaboration with the manufacturers shows a new way of generating revenue models and schemes. The partnership between the manufacturers can create an ecosystem for a sustainable solution.

Source:- https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2016/dec/22/solar-panel-road-tourouvre-au-perche- normandy#:~:text=France%20has%20opened%20what%20it,the%20ecology%20minister%2C%20S%C3%A9gol%C3%A8ne%20Royal.

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