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How CO2 is emitted in electric vehicle?

In order to obtain the well-to-wheel (WTW), CO2 is emitted from fuel production, gets added to TTW emissions which presents Well-to-wheel with a full spectrum thereby there is a possibility of reducing CO2 emissions in the car fleet. At the fuelling station, it was assumed that Hydrogen can be used in a decentralized way to reform natural gas whereas electricity production was maintained at the current CO2 emission factor.

In the Colombian national grid, around 70% of the electricity is generated from the hydropower. Emissions of CO2 is higher in Light Fuel Cell Hybrid Electric Vehicles (FCHEV) than the Light Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) scenario. This result shows that the BEVs that care conventional and lightweight as considered to be a more reassuring option for controlling the CO2 emissions.

Source- Energy by J.C. González Palencia et al.

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