What models other manufacturers are offering in HEV?

In the US, the new launch from Ford was Fusion, Escape, Mariner, and Milan. The HEV is provided in a different price range. Ford Fusion is available at US$ 27, 950, Escape at US$29 860, Mariner at US$ 30 105, and Ford Milan at US$31 915.The Base model price for Ford is from the range […]

What models Toyota are offering as Hybrid Electric Vehicles?

The race to capture the HEV market by different manufacturer is something an unknown zone, nobody knows who survives the cut-throat competitions and make a sustainable mark for a long term till the next new ideas. No doubt, one of the biggest advantages for the existing players is the availability of the capital. The financial […]

Is Asia dominating the manufacturing of E-batteries?

Lithium-ion cells are however dominated the high voltage batteries for e-models or e-cars. Be it pure electric vehicles, hybrid or plug-in hybrid, batteries, and powerful cells are equipped with e-cars for a better-added value regardless of its variation. However, until now the major manufacturing unit for these battery cells is in Asia. China, South Korea, […]

Is Europe in the race of manufacturing E-batteries?

The momentum of craze created by the electromobility in Europe is not that far. The pure electric vehicle or even the plug-in hybrid vehicles are aggregating with a good share of eleven percent in the European market, notified by the Federal Motor Transport Authority. Only above, two percent of battery-powered cars plus hybrids vehicles were […]

Are the assets allocated for Robo-advisor across the world are enough?

As per a survey conducted by Statista Digital Market Outlook, the forecasted worldwide allotment of assets are $19,25,270.65, $23,05,774 and $26,36,954 respectively in 2021, 2022 and 2023. The forecasted allotment of assets across Europe are $75,101.16, $100865.97 and $126370.61 respectively in 2021, 2022 and 2023. The assets are the forecasted value in a million dollars […]

What problems in Vietnam have been identified for the development of CSR?

World Trade Organization identified Vietnam in 2007 as its one of the members leading to the development of the globalization and implementation of CSR in Vietnam. The theme is well appreciated and accepted by the European Union and Vietnam Chamber of Commerce, supporting the United Nations Industrial Development Organization’s jointly for the improvement of the […]


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