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What is Depot Charging?

As the urbanisation is increasing, public transport like bus services, electrification is playing a major role in the majority of the cities. As the goal of achieving sustainability is increasing to prevent congestion and reduce air pollution, electrification is also becoming a major theme.

The concept of electric buses is meant to provide solutions for ecological efficiency and achieve a well-sustained economical benefit where the bus operation cost strongly depends on the timetable frequency, fleet size and capacity of the transport.

One of the major industrial solutions key player ABB came up with optimal solution concepts for different charging methods to meet the challenging needs.

One of the widespread charging scenarios, electric buses getting charged overnight at the depot, known as overnight charging. In the depot, usually for several hours the charging takes place with outputs of 50 to 150 KW. The charging concept aim is to gently charge the entire bus fleet where the on-board battery of the electric bus is usually with a capacity of 200 to 500 KWh, which is almost a weight of four tons as per the battery design. A range of over 180 Km is enabled by the high storage capacity which enables the electric bus to complete its journey in a day without any recharging intermediate stops.

In the below figure, the depot charging infrastructure concept has been shown and also via pantograph as an additional charging way.

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Source:- https://www.all-electronics.de/


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