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Do you know about the offers available for electric vehicle in your country?

One of the important aspects is creating awareness and to have knowledge about the availability of offers supporting such new concepts of electric vehicle. A survey conducted by Observatoire Cetelem, shows that information about such purchasing offers is more among the Chinese as compare to the Brazilian people. It might show the interest or the possibility of even purchasing any vehicle. The economic situation or the offerings in such countries also provides the scenarios to purchase such vehicles.  

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In my opinion, China leading the race in the electric vehicle market shows a solid approach towards innovation and accepting the trend to be in synch with the latest advancement happening in the vehicle industry. Somehow, the market is offered with lucrative incentives for manufacturers to sell their vehicle, now wherever the acceptance of such vehicle will be more and an awareness of the positive outcomes of such vehicles, definitely industry will be targeting such markets or region to have a high profit scale.

Source:- Statista.

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