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Do you know the top Automation companies in the world?

The battle between the companies is well known and more is the race to stay at the top. Every start-up or any new venture would like to taste the piece of cake and conquer the top position in their respective field. So does the Automation companies around the world. The result is from 2018 survey.

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Ironically, Germany known for its renowned automation work and technical skill holds the top position by only one company Siemens. As the brand suggests, they are somehow unbeatable in their automation field and undefeatable. Then the domain being conquered by the US, Switzerland, and Japan. The scenario is no doubt unquestionable but how the performance is maintained and till what period is not known. Will anybody be able to challenge the traditional setup, Siemens? Is it possible to create the same scenario as the automotive industry?

Source:- Control Global

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