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What’s new with Aiways Automobiles Co Ltd.?

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In 2017, Aiways Automobiles Co Ltd. was founded as a start-up company. It is a Chinese automobile manufacturer of electric cars. It was founded by Fu Qiang and Gary Gu in Shanghai. Fu Qiang was the former sales chief of Volvo Cars.

Aiways are also a joint member of Volkswagen Group’s CO2-pool. The supply chain partners for Aiways are Robert Bosch, Benteler Automotive, Georg Fischer, Autoneum, and Grupo Antolin.

The current initiatives by Aiways are in the path of “ Second Life”,

  • Environmental friendly recycling with European partners ensures end-of-life vehicles and batteries are taken back to be recycled in compliance with the law and also damaged vehicles.
  • The parts are with high-voltage battery and the electric drive system are modular and recyclable very easily.
  • In the pilot project “ Green Vision”, Aiways own drive technology and high-voltage components with high battery-powered energy storage systems with local emission-free boats.
  • It is focused mainly on Sustainability.

“Together with strong partners, Aiways therefore ensures the implementation and fulfillment of applicable standards and laws at all times. This applies not only to the take-back of end-of-life vehicles, but also to damaged batteries in accident vehicles,” says Dr. Alexander Klose, Executive Vice President Overseas Operations at Aiways, explaining the range of services offered by vehicle recycler PRIOREC, with whom the company has entered into a cooperation agreement for the German market.

They are also in cooperation with Green Vision in France.

The advantage of the Aiways MAS platform for Second Life applications lies in the modularity of the components. “The sandwich structure of the battery in particular is perfect for recycling,” explains Yann Lelong, founder of Green Vision. “You can take out the whole battery package without much effort, and you can easily and quickly take out the individual modules, thanks to the innovative structure of the Aiways design.”

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