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How does Alexa help Ford to be super smart?

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The future concept of bringing the voice command not just as an accessory for smart homes but also in cars was conceived in 2017. The SYNC launch by Ford enables Amazon’s Alexa to be the voice-guided service in the car.

The success of Alexa in the household resulted in 80% of the customers experiencing the same AI technology in their cars.

Mostly, the evolution or improved designs are focused on the outer material and lavishing addon features on the cars but with Alexa, the in-cabin is modified more on an interactive basis with the enhanced future technology.

As per John Scumniotales, Gm and director for Amazon Smart Vehicles, “This enhanced Car Control features offer customers a new level of personalization- and demonstrating this functionality with Ford is an important step toward our vision of conversations with Alexa feeling as familiar as speaking

With a family member or friend sitting in the passenger seat.”

The SYNC 4 technology will be available in Ford as well as Lincoln vehicles for music listening, navigating, controlling smart home devices, or shopping list items. As we all know, Alexa comes as hands-free, voice-initiated interactions. The main goal is to keep the driver focused on the road or let’s say hands on the wheel and let Alexa acts as the personal assistant taking care of the necessary needs while you drive.

It improves the solo traveling experience. You can ask Alexa for “Alexa, find the closet gas station,” or “Alexa, play my road trip playlist”, or “Alexa call Mom.”

Also, Alexa, can be trained as “Alexa, I’m cold”, well then Alexa will ask what action should be taken, such as: “I can increase the temperature by 5 degrees or turn off the AC. What should I do?”.

Some personalized phrases can be taught to Alexa such as, “Alexa, set the AC to full blast,” or “Alexa, set the temperature to cozy.” In such cases, customers can teach the meaning of “full blast” or “cozy”.

The new Alexa feature is also installed in the F-150 lightning electric pickup with enhanced car control features. The FordPass Alexa skill allows customers to use control vehicle functions such as start/stop engine, lock and unlock doors, vehicle range checking, or tire pressure. Smart homes and connected vehicles are also brought close together.

The feature is also enabled in F-150, Bronco, Mustang Mach-E, Edge, Nautilus, and Navigator. As per Yvonne Gloria, supervisor, of Ford Core Speech Technology, “Ford pioneered SYNC in-vehicle technology, and Amazon’s Alexa voice AI continues to advance the industry with more innovative, personalized experiences.”

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