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How alternative drive systems in Germany are impacted?

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As per the latest survey by KBA, the number of new cars registered in Germany for the Hybrid section is 239,250 and for the pure electric car, the section is 63,281. In another survey results by Roland Berger, Forschungsgesellschaft Kraftfahrwesen Aachen. The alternative drive systems in Germany shows various impactful drive.

The top 5 important markets for an electric vehicle with a high ranking are:-




The USA, and

South Korea whereas, in the case of production of an electric vehicle, China and USA are the highest rank holder in an electric vehicle.

As another result, the technological development status for electric cars shows Germany to be in the top position, followed by China and South Korea. The results are quite convincingly indicating the strong position of Germany in the electrical market from the European continent and providing a tough competitive platform for countries from other continents.

In my opinion, the results show the acceptance attitude from the Germans towards the technological developments giving a competitive answer to Elon Musk’s ambitious vision of electric cars on the road.

Source :- Roland Berger; Forschungsgesellschaft Kraftfahrwesen Aachen

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