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What is the future for alternative drive types in 2025?

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 The trend has picked up. People are driving crazy to boost and promote their electric vehicles. Traditional vehicles have become something of the past. But what about the future? Do you think in the next 10 years electric vehicles will become boring, time-consuming, and not so efficient as their petroleum-driven vehicle type?

Or the people will thoroughly change their mode of transportation and accept the electric vehicle in the next 10 years? With the latest design and super cool features. As we have been on the journey of the electric vehicle for the last couple of years, the benefits and pros are unlimited and the vehicle is no doubt promising to be eco-friendly.

As per a survey by Spiegel across the world, the number of new registrations for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles in 2020 is 10.3 million, in 2025 and 2030 it is expected to be 30.7 million and 54.3 million respectively.

As per a survey by IHS Markit, the market distribution for the production of alternative drive types in Europe in 2025 can be seen as,

Plug-in Hybrid is 41.8%, Fuel-cell is 0.2% and Battery electric vehicle is 58%.

In my opinion, the future of the market is more in Plug-in Hybrid vehicles and Battery electric vehicles. However, if the manufacturer can conquer the battery electric vehicle market, it will definitely steer the market into a new innovation field that has never been done. But the availability of e-charging parking stations is needed more.

Source:- IHS Markit

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