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What are the reasons APAC consumers are buying EVs?

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APAC consumers interest in Electric Autos raises the market needs to make a switch from a traditional auto.

It is really fun to try out new technical or automotive adventures. And different segments. But, for what reasons you should make the changes? Is it because a new type of fuel promised with sustainable features?

Or promised by a new innovator that it will make your life smooth? For what purpose automotive industry make changes. It is to increase the sales, to lure new customers. Or manufacture their new concept and ideas.

Or to be in the competition. Is it the passion to provide the best service for their customer? If the latter is the reason and true, it can be thoughtful.

With any change or new shift, obstacles put forward to any industry. So, that it accepts the new ways of mode. But, any impacts made by customers?

In other technological sectors, customers got a role to place an impact on the manufacturers. But what about the Auto industry? Has it ever surveyed? What exactly customers actually want to ride?

Are the customers need to always go with the new mode of transport? How about comfortability and adaptability? Which knowledge customers got before purchasing from the auto industry?

How many customers are ready to accept any change? One of the interesting observations made about the customers is with the latest car. Or, the needs satisfied by the latest technology?

Do you really need a car? Is the power totally in the hand of the automakers? Or transporters give us whatever they think is right for the current scenario. Or, do we have a choice to drive what exactly we want?

As per Deloitte, the main reasons, the APAC consumer drive Electric Autos are: –

Lower emissions

Lower emission as the reasons for Electric Autos

Lower vehicle operating costs

Lower vehicle operating costs  as the reasons for Electric Auto

Rebates/tax incentives

Rebates/tax incentives  as the reasons for Electric Auto

Social status/keeping up with the latest technology

1Social status  as the reasons for Electric Auto

Vehicle brand/other

Vehicle brand  as the reasons for Electric Auto

In my opinion, the first two reasons are something genuine which even the other consumer will go for. Cost a major factor to decide which vehicle needed for the APAC consumer to drive EVs.

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