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Why do Germans want to buy an electric vehicle?

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Any automobile industry before introducing its new concepts or products needs to create a USP. An eye-catching selling need among the consumers to go for an alternative drive vehicle.

The major market promoter needs to make an intelligent statement of their product that can be witty but also provide a solution to their daily needs. One of the famous introducers or observers to address the market needs of the products was Steve Jobs.

The promotion of the iPod, the reason why invest money in a luxury item where there is no return other than entertainment. 

In one of the starting lines by Steve Jobs, he doesn’t know what is the need for an extra pocket in his Jeans that is quite small to hold cash. But flexible and easy enough to take out his new product- iPod. You don’t need enough space for your entertainment.

So does the Automobile industry player, now they can’t take the electric vehicle out of their jeans pocket. But they need to see what reasons are appealing among the Germans to buy an alternative electric drive.

As per a survey conducted by BDEW in 2019, the following reasons were summarised from the Germans who were willing to buy electric vehicles,

Why do Germans want to buy an electric vehicle?

One of the major reasons for Germans to buy an electric vehicle is due to environmental friendliness. The more ecological balance, new innovative technology can give, the better chance for Germans to buy an electric vehicle.

It shows a genuine interest among the Germans to be more environmentally friendly. If you see, the reasons like innovation or driving pleasure appeal less to the Germans.

Source:- BDEV

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