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What is Baghdad battery?

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Is it possible that batteries existed 2000 years ago? In 1936, a Parthian settlement was achieved during an excavation where a remarkable clay plot came across by a group of scientists. It was unimpressive from the outside as the vessel contains a cylinder, made of copper sheet, and an iron rod.

At the time, the excavation director, Wilhelm König, used the theory in forwarding that was an ancient battery. It was dated around 300 BC, known as the “Baghdad Battery”. With the help of construction, electricity was produced. A replica was created by the scientists where vinegar solution was added as an electrolyte in the vase and thereby current started flowing at a voltage of 0.5 volts.

But even then, still, now there is no confirmation or refutation of such theory. Accessories such as wires have never been found out. It is similar to vases with other and non-battery-like contents as per the scientists where the “Baghdad battery” was depicted as more of a cultic object.

Source:- Elektrotechnik.vogel

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