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Who are the top battery manufacturing companies in India?

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The top 10 battery manufacturing companies in India:-

  • Exide Industries Ltd.

The leading largest storage battery company in India. The industry is spread across the domestic market as well as export batteries in South East Asian and European markets. The revenue of the company is Rs. 15,258 crores. The market cap is 15,474 Crore. The ROE (return on equity) is 13.39%. It provides a wide range of lead-acid storage batteries from 2.5Ah to 20,600Ah capacity.

  • Amara Raja Batteries Ltd.

The technology leader is the largest manufacturer of lead-acid batteries for industrial and automotive applications. The main consumer the company cater its services to are automotive batteries and home UPS/Inverter batteries. The revenue of the company is Rs. 6, 825 crores. The market cap is 13,428 Cr. The ROE is 15.38%.

  • Eveready Industries India Ltd.

The undisputable market leader in the batteries segment. The company commands a 50% Indian market share. The company started its journey in 1905 and was incorporated in 1934. In 1993, it became a part of Williamson Magor Group. The revenue is Rs.1,419 Cr. The market cap is 462.97 Cr. The ROE is 16.95%.

  • HBL Power System Ltd.

A listed Indian company since 1977. The company caters its service to a wide range of specialised batteries. The revenue of the company is Rs.1,188 Crore. The market cap is 498.95 Cr. The ROE is 2.77%.

  • Indo National Ltd.

The company got established in 1972 and is known for its best quality and performances. The main focus of the company is batteries but also markets the presence of LED torch lights. They are the first Indian dry battery company certified with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 international standards. They are also in the LED Emergency Power Backup range of products. The revenue of the company is Rs. 493.18 Cr. The market cap is 191.59 Cr. The ROE is 9.40%.

  • Panasonic Energy India Company Ltd.

India’s largest manufacturer and supplier of dry cell batteries and lighting products were established in 1972. It was headquartered in Gujrat, India. The leading manufacturer and supplier of Zinc carbon, Alkaline, Lithium, Rechargeable batteries, and lighting products. The company revenue is Rs. 201.87 Cr. The market cap is 128.89 Cr. The ROE is 4.89%.

  • High Energy Batteries (India) Ltd.

The company was established in 1979. The leading manufacturer of Hi-Tech batteries for Army, Navy, Airforce, and Satellite Launch Vehicles. The commercial batteries for Auto and standby VRLA applications. The company revenue is Rs. 65.13 Cr. The market cap is 53.19 Cr. The ROE is 2.39%.

  • Goldstar Power Ltd.

The company was established in 1982. The founder of the company is Mr. Muljibhai Pansara in partnership with a small place at Dhrol, Dist. Jamnagar. The battery manufacturing company got established in 1999 under the brand – Goldstar. The company is known for Lead Acid Batteries for automotive, industrial, motorcycle, UPS, Solar, Genset, and Inverter application.

The revenue of the company is Rs.36.37 Cr. The market cap is 24.48 Cr. The ROE is 5.39%. The company is providing automotive batteries for cars, tractors, and heavy-duty trucks, tubular batteries for inverter and solar applications, SLI and Tubular batteries for E-rickshaws, SMF-VRLA Batteries for UPS applications, motorcycle batteries, solar batteries, pure lead, and alloy batteries.

  • Luminous India

The company is a New-Delhi based inverters and industrial battery manufacturing company. The company got acquired by the French engineering company, Schneider Electric for Rs. 1,400 crores. 74% stake has been acquired. It is the 8th Indian energy management company got acquired since 2000. The company is privately owned by Rakesh Malhotra and two other partners.

As per Olivier Blum, managing director, Schneider India, “After this, Schneider will be able to report a significant increase in size in India. We want to be the top player in UPS and inverters in India. We want India to be one of our top four markets.”

  • Okaya Power Pvt. Ltd.

The company provides a wide range of batteries for application in various product categories such as Tubular Battery- Inverter Battery and Solar Battery, SMF Battery, E-Rickshaw Battery, Lithium, and EV charging stations.

The sole manufacturer of 100% tubular batteries for power backup. The operating revenue is Rs. 500 Cr. The market cap is JP¥91.22b. The ROE is 13.96%.

Source:- Indian companies’ top battery, firstgreen

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