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Can intercity EV rides be a new way to compete in the EV market?

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It is interesting to note and observe the different business programs each of the key plays in the automobile fleet or the EV fleet launches.

Each of them got different observations finding a way to attract customers in areas that have not yet been explored. Something like intercity rides. Most of the EV fleets are focusing on intracity due to obstacles and limitations.

But with intercity EV rides, the EV got a new way to promote their market and provide a clean electric experience for the travelers or the general customer.

The route from Delhi to Chandigarh and Delhi to Jaipur is quite popular due to tourist attractions as well as small journey trips. BluSmart Mobility is hailing its intercity ride experience for the customers and expanding its customer outreach.

BluSmart Mobility is India’s first and largest electric ride-hailing mobility platform. The company was founded by Anmol Singh, Jaggi Punit K Goyal, and Puneet  Singh Jaggi. The headquarter was located in Gurugram, Haryana, India. It was founded in 2019.

As per LinkedIn, the company got labeled as the top 25 Startups in India in 2021. The company got funded by Mayfield India, 9Unicorns, and Survam Partners, and the main investor is BP with a funding of $25 million in Series A rounds.

The all-electric ride-hailing platform is planning to partner with 500 women drivers. The company is partnering with Jio-bp to set up the first electric charging station in the country.

As per Harish C. Mehta, Chief Executive Officer, Jip-bp, “Jio-bp will be at the forefront of EV infrastructure development in the country. Leveraging bp’s learnings from the UK with bp Pulse, where they have the country’s largest EV charging network, from Germany through their Aral brand, Jio-bp intends to bring in the latest in EV technology to our consumers. ”

In addition to it he said, “In line with the New Energy vision of RIL, our Advanced Mobility teams are working tirelessly to create cleaner and smarter ways for Indians to travel. Our partnership with BluSmart is a significant milestone in our vision of offering new age low-carbon emitting, cleaner, and more affordable options.”

The company fleet includes Mahindra e-Verito, Tata e-Tigor, Tata Xpres-T EV, Hyundai Kona Electric, and MG ZS Electric.

As per The EV Times, the company completed over 1 million all-electric trips and more than 35 million clean km since its launch.

As per Anmol Jaggi, Co-Founder and CEO at BluSmart Mobility, “EVs have a reputation of being able to commute only within the city. Without an intercity launch, we are busting the myth around range anxiety and making intercity commute possible with an electric car. This is only the start of our expansion with ride-hailing 2.0, BluSmart plans to expand its horizon to different cities by developing charging infrastructure and expanding our fleet.”

The intercity drive is currently available to its BluPrive loyalty members and planning to make it available for all customers.

Well, in my opinion, the company is targeting the all-electric ride fleets and marking its path with women empowerment and getting a balance in the working atmosphere. I feel the movement is really great and especially in Delhi as it is becoming quite popular for women to move freely in the city.

To see women driving the electric vehicle and handling their customers with the best customer satisfaction being provided is appreciable. I hope female empowerment and carrying the service independently should be encouraged more and more.

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