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How BMW is expanding its electrified vehicle community?

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The race to compete for the electric vehicle is urging the automotive industries to find different ways of loyalty programs. It is not just about providing different ways to charge your e-vehicle but also luring customers with bonus points and in return free charging options.

So, how BMW eVehicle can be charged?

You can charge your BMW electric vehicles at your home, in public places, or even at your workplace. With the new BMWeDrives, it allows the vehicle to recognize such an electrified zone, switch automatically to electric mode and let the vehicle charge itself.

BMW is available with a charging card and a charging cable for public charging. Within 24 hours, the card is activated for unlimited access to widely distributed public charging network services in the cities.

BMW home charging enables the charging of BMW electric cars and plug-in hybrids at home with up to 22 kW. The offer from BMW includes a special green electricity tariff for charging at home.

  • BMW is equipped with Wallbox to charge at home.
  • Smart Wallbox from BMW’s partner provides additional intelligent charging services to the extensive connectivity.
  • The availability of flexible fast-chargers to charge the vehicle with a charging capacity of up to 11 KW. The fast-charging capacity available for domestic capacities

BMW charging got its access to expand its network of public charging points in urban areas, parking lots, and important arterial routes. The charging stations also include ultra fast-charging stations for electric vehicles. The IONITY joint venture group, co-founded by BMW is established for an efficient quick charging network for electric vehicles in Europe.

With the support of the IONITY charging station, BMW iX3 can be charged from 0% to 80% in 34 minutes only. The IONITY charging stations are integrated into the public network of BMW charging with an exclusive special tariff price. A “MODE 3” cable is needed to charge at public AC charging stations.

BMW is also supporting the charging capabilities at your workplaces with charging hardware such as AC/DC charging stations, wallboxes, or sockets with equipment that is included with the supply schedule.

Well, you can also charge your BMW at the Tesla charging station. One thing to remember with the charging capabilities is if you got a BMWi3 model with 11 kW onboard for AC charging in addition to the Rapid 50 kW DC option. It means that even though you are connected to a fast-charger with a rated output above 11 kW, the vehicle can only be charged at 11 kW.

That’s a good catch. So decide what exactly is good for you.

To charge your BMW outside your home, you can activate the charging abilities with the BMW app or by using the BMW charging card.

So, the universal outlet, level 1 for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles is a 120V charger with up to 4 miles per 1 hour of charging. The level 2 faster-charging capability in-home and public for an electric and plug-in hybrid vehicle is a 240V charger with up to 40 miles per 1 hour of charging. DC fast charging is for electric-only and it is available for the public only. The fastest high-powered charger is with 108 miles per 10 min of charging.

The BMW iX xDrive50 is starting from $83,200, BMW iX M60 is starting from $105,100, BMW i4 eDrive40 is starting from $55,400, BMW i4 M50 is starting from $65,900 and BMW i7 xdrive60 is available from $119,300.

The target is to launch 25 BMW electric models by next year and maximizing the eDrive zones are something to look forward to with BMW. The environmental zones in the German cities help to mitigate the CO2 emissions and the burden of exhaust fumes enables the switch of the plug-in hybrid vehicle into emission-free, purely electric driving mode.

It is something needs to be seen that how far the eDrive zones and the bonus points schemes work and maintain customer loyalty. Well, in their own country, the sale will be their due to being used to local products or the people who admire the brand. But need to see how many new customers BMW can get with the new electric models. Also, can they get customers from their competitors?

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