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Look back into BMW

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The time when the electric vehicle was still a concept. The acceptance of such vehicles was questionable and mostly to the mass. Tesla was in its struggling years. When the company was founded in 2003, the market for the battery-powered vehicle was not taken seriously.

The concern with heating up and as well lobby from petroleum or gas-fueled vehicles, nobody thought that in the present days, the electric vehicle will outrun the traditional vehicle.

Nobody thought that BMW will be facing tough competition from a new player, Elon Musk’s Tesla in their market also.

BMW Concept X6 ActiveHybrid was launched in 2007 in the BMW world of hybrid cars. It is considered far superior to conventional hybrid vehicles than the driving dynamics. The fuel consumption and emission ratings are 20 percent better than any conventional drivetrain technology vehicle.

It is a combination of innovative hybrid technology covering both sporting and dynamic renditions of a BMW X Car. The design is specific to the elegant work of the sports activity coupe.

It has been labeled as the “Best of Hybrid” with driver feedback control through touch effects and acoustic signals with a conventional combustion engine. The vehicle is with two operating modes, one for setting off and driving at low speeds and one for higher speeds. The mechanism ensures the optimum use of torque.

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The rest of the BMW models are presented in the museum with conventional engines.

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Well during those times, the focus was more on the drive or engine modification with more and more in-cabin features. So, that new technology is presented in the world. However, with time, the real performer came with the replacement of the age-old engine with powerful batteries.

The way communication in the world changed from just dial-up internet to 5G mobile connection to speed up the internet process. However, to be smart you need smart, long-lasting, good quality batteries also.

The new development in the technology with electrified batteries made the fast forward movement in the technology advancement. It changes the world of automobile history.

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