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The 2024 Cadillac Celestiq

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Even though it’s two years from now, Celestiq from Cadillac is creating quite a lot of buzz in the automotive industry.

With unique and stylish design as well as the production of the components is quite an enchanting story to be shared in the automotive world.

Cadillac Celestiq is one of the most sophisticated, luxurious, and technologically advanced vehicles worth $300,000. As per reports, Celestiq will be handcrafted by Cadillac artisans at GM’s Global Technical Center in Warren, Michigan but the vehicle adopted some modern manufacturing technologies.

As per Cadillac,

  • Celestiq’s underbody and shock towers are six large precision sand-casted aluminum components.
  • Each of the castings reduces the part count by 30 to 40 components compared to typical stamped construction.
  • The process is ideal for low-volume, handcrafted, bespoke vehicles.
  • The other benefits are- simplicity and more efficient use of space by packaging all technologies without design compromise or client comfort.
  • Improve structural rigidity and accommodation of large 23-inch wheels.
  • Due to rigidity, the 111-kWh Ultium battery pack occupying the vehicle’s low, flat floor serves as a structural element of the vehicle.
  • It will also use Flex Fabrication with each vehicle to display over 300 fabricated pieces throughout the body structure, chassis, interior and electrical components.
  • Celestiq will also use additive manufacturing. It will have around 115 3D-oriented parts, including the steering wheel center, the largest metal part GM printed in production, seat belt adjustable guide loop with GM’s first safety-related 3D printed part.
  • 3D-printed parts also include the window switches, grab handles, console decor, and structural pieces under the vehicle’s surface.
Cadillac Celestiq

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