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Can Biofuels be an alternative solution?

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The experts conclude it’s more problematic to use Biofuels. As an alternative to an internal combustion engine, it can solve the issue of CO2 emission but not efficiency.

As per the experts, the use of solar energy via biofuels is the most inefficient way. The photosynthesis process is considered to be less efficient. In the case of a regular vehicle or sports vehicle, biofuels harvest less than half a percent.

After refining, transporting, and inefficient ICE, less than one-tenth of a percent will be left over. Biofuels also need scarce water and fertile ground. And again a competition with food and nature.

Even though advanced techniques are used in farming and agriculture practices. Biofuels are not apt in cars. And hence leading to electric vehicles.

Source:- Electric Cars: Technology

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