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What is Canopy?

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A major issue that has been a concern and ultimately leads to unnecessary investment to stop car thieves. Canopy?

In the past years or even now, vehicles are equipped with an alarm for any unknown activities happening with the car in the parking slot or anywhere, but skilled thieves or robbers are able to extraordinarily smart to outsmart such alarm techniques had been a concern.

The expensive price paid by the customers. So, Ford and ADT Inc. coming forward in a joint venture to launch Canopy, a combination of the tech brains from both the tech-savvy ends. ADT with professional security monitoring and Ford with AI-driven video camera technology provide the ultimate high-level security strength to all the vehicles in their automotive brands.

Canopy will launch the first industry multi-sensor security system with available professionals in the US and UK by early 2023. The product is available in F-150 lightning, Transit vans, and E-Transit.

The next plans are to integrate the camera security solution for better security options. Canopy is also planning to integrate the features with other automakers too.

The first smart vehicle security system will also consist of acoustic sensors for vans, onboard cameras, radar, LTE, and GPS.

The AI technology is equipped with the following features:-

  • Connection to the Livestream video via the Canopy app and be notified of any suspicious activity. The past activities can also be reviewed.
  • Any potential criminal activity such as breaking glass, metal cutting, or suspicious motion or sound near vehicles will trigger smartphone alerts.
  • The smartphone app can warn thieves about being monitored with a two-way audio feature.
  • The AI system can distinguish threats from any unharmed acts such as cats/birds surrounding the car or any construction sounds before alerting the owner.
  • The ADT monitoring professional can detect any person loitering or breaching the vehicle.
  • Any potentially harmful situation lets ADT monitoring agents contact the customers, fleet managers, or police for any additional measures.
  • It can trigger audible alerts or programmable voice recording or two-way audio feature updates.

As per Ted Cannis, CEO, Ford Pro.  “Canopy will help Ford Pro deliver another service to fleets helping to improve total cost of ownership by staying productive and avoiding downtime associated with stolen tools and damaged vehicles – including the majority with mixed fleets since Canopy technology will be available across brands.”

The slogan from Franck Louis-Victor, vice president, Ford New Business Platform. “Key to Ford’s software-led transformation are new ideas such as Canopy and collaborating with other innovators such as ADT, which brings to vehicle security their leadership protecting families, homes, and businesses.”

So, do you think Canopy can be worth it for the future? Or is it a better upgrade than the ones we have but need to be more sophistically innovative?

Well, one of the cool features is the two-way communication with the theft, where it can be distracted at that moment but will it work every time. It may be the first time, a surprising signal is generated but once they get used to the features. It can be played around and before the owner gets any alarm the work is done.

The best one is alerting the owner but if the phone is not with you or you just got busy with some important stuff, how smart the app can be to get their message to send across to the busy owner?

Source:- Ford

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