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What was the scenario of electric vehicles before the COVID-19 pandemic in China?

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As the market is hit by the global pandemic waves. So does the electric vehicle market. The scenario or the future is unpredictable but with proper planning and backups the market has been revived and the losses are being covered up on an industrial scale.

The launch date for the various vehicle has been pushed further with a shortage of labor force and new strict rules of social distancing is something every manufacturing company trying their level best. The main varieties in electric vehicles launched in China in 2019 are plug-in hybrid, battery-electric, mild hybrid, and hybrid total.

As per a survey by EV-Volumes.com, 15 different manufacturers launched their electric vehicles to be sold in China.


The top 10 manufacturers for electric vehicles in 2018 are: –

  1. BYD
  2. BAIC
  3. SAIC
  4. Geely
  5. Chery
  6. Unspec.
  7. Hawtai
  8. JAC
  9. JMC
  10. Dongfeng

Among the top 10 manufacturers, BYD sold more than 23,0000 electric vehicles. BAIC sold more than 16,0000 and SAIC sold more than 12, 0000 electric vehicles.

In my opinion, China proved to be one of the prominent players in start-ups in electric vehicles where major manufacturers are the local provider. It shows the demand among the consumer is for local plyers than the outsider.

Source:- EV-Volumes.com

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