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Will you buy Porsche or Tesla?

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Well, the debate is not about the style or brand to go for but the safety and the reducing the risk of any fatal accident. And it is interesting to see that Porsche has not scored well in the CMT DriveWell ® Platform as against its rival Tesla.

Who is CMT and why their test result is valuable?

Cambridge Mobile Telematics (CMT) is the world’s largest telematics service provider. CMT is founded by Hari Balakrishnan and Sam Madden in 2010. The company is headquartered in MA, with offices in Budapest, Chennai, Seattle, and Tokyo. The pair won a couple of awards in computer science for their traffic safety research. The mission is to make the roads safer with the company’s AI-driven platform, DriveWell®.

The platform gathers enormous information through sensor data collected from millions of IoT devices such as smartphones, propriety Tags, connected vehicles, dash cams, and third-party devices. The collected information is then fused with contextual data for creating a unified vehicle view and driver behavior.

The personal and commercial auto insurance companies in automotive, rideshare, smart cities, wireless, financial services, and family safety industries use the CMT’s platform for insights into risk assessment, safety, claims, and driver improvement programs.

So as per the CMT research report, the electric vehicle drivers exhibit acceleration risks from 180% to 340% way higher than the traditional combustion vehicles. The ultimate result of the finding is the crash outcome and to overcome the hazardous result, incentivizing safe driving skills can reduce the crash risk in the electric vehicle.

The difference in research findings and the conclusions compared between the internal combustion engine and electric vehicles include driver fatigue, vehicle range, distracted driving, and speeding.

The results show that Tesla owner-drivers are almost likely to face 50 percent fewer accidents than other vehicles. Whereas Porsche drivers are likely to face 55 percent more accidents than those using another vehicle.

The analysis of the Porsche is not yet clear whether it is sole with combustion engines or the electric drive models also. The result is yet to be disclosed with further analysis.

As per Ryan McMahon, VP of Strategy for CMT, “Among the most compelling new findings are the comparisons between drivers who operate both an electric vehicle and an internal combustion vehicle, allowing for a better understanding of risk across vehicle platforms.”

He also mentioned “These findings include an analysis of Tesla drivers who also operate another vehicle. These drivers are nearly 50% less likely to crash while driving their Tesla than any other vehicle they operate. We conducted the same analysis on individuals who operate a Porsche and another vehicle. In this case, we observed the opposite effect. Porsche drivers are 55% more likely to crash while driving their Porsche compared to their other vehicles.”

The reason for high acceleration has been cited due to the full torque available from the start. Due to these technical reasons, the entry-level models can be driven at a high speed quickly. The concerns have been seen with novice drivers switching to e-mobility.

The fact is, at present, the accidents have not occurred. Nothing as such has been registered other than battery issues or battery fire problems. Also, the converted electric drivers are more cautious but with high-speed electric cars, it is not known how far the cautious speed limits will be maintained.

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