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Can CO2 emission reduction lead the path to eMobility?

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The reduction in CO2 emission became the prime focus for the EU in 2009 thereby navigating most of the European and Scandinavian countries to dedicate the stage to the electric vehicle market. As the strategy of adopting e-cars is increasing so does the pressure on the automobile sector and automotive companies. Will liquid fuel cars become an obsolete topic?

In Brussels, e-cars got the potentiality to reduce the threat of fines with increasing pressure on suppliers. An unexpected corona crisis led to the shrink of car sales and manufacturers are harrowed with the downfall of sales leading to a crisis but the agenda of maintaining the e-car market is also important.

Countries like Norway got their specific targets in the eMobility market resulting in combustion engine classic cars gradually go down. But how far the goal is achievable? Nobody got its idea. The delay of availability of battery modules or vehicle parts due to supply chains being interrupted. Letting many car plants to a standstill where thousands of employees are working for a short time and the production in the industry is delayed to around 80 percent.

In Germany, Daimler (Mercedes, Smart), is also facing the deadline issue. Reaching the targets of e-car on time is something becoming a major dilemma. The production of high-power combustion engines by BMW is reduced due to emission standards being too strict and fear of punitive duties. However, a target of 37.5 percent share of sales in electric cars has been set as a target by 2030 at a German Chamber of Commerce press conference.

The car manufacturers are facing tough competition to either faces a huge penalty payment in adherence to failing to meet the CO2 emission reduction targets up to 4.5 billion euros or manufacture e-cars in a greater number. However, new offering purchasing premium schemes for e-cars and plug-in hybrid cars can boost the e-car sales in Austria, France, and other EU countries letting to avoid fines.

It can be seen that indirect pressure has been built on Automotive manufacturers and the goal of achieving the target to reduce CO2 emission is increasing every day. The target is also how to recycle the vehicles running on liquid fuel and get them on the latest trend otherwise the loss can be in huge amount.

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