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Will you convert traditional vehicles into e-vehicles?

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The most lucrative market of this era is the e-vehicle industry. The market has not just opened new sources of income. But also different ways of entering the market. One of the upcoming ways is converting the traditional vehicle.

And making a niche in that particular field. One such sorted path to enter into the e-vehicle market is the conversion of diesel vehicles and gasoline-powered vehicles.

A number of start-ups identified for finding such solutions are Phoenix mobility from Grenoble. Transition One from Orléans and a few other master mechanics in Germany are providers of such conversation.

The traditional vehicles are somehow attached with sentiments. The concept helps to remain attached to your old vehicle rather than thinking about buying a new electric vehicle. A good solution for both the party to recycle an old traditional vehicle.

The existing vehicle where the cost is cut down to 30%. Cheaper than buying a new vehicle. And experience the new model of the vehicle. However, it has got its limits. Phoenix Mobility is converting such a diesel vehicle at a cost of lesser than 10,000 euros. The conversions are eco-friendly.

And offered in two ranges of battery capacities, 150 and 300 kilometers. The founders, Wadie Maaninou and Filip Gardler, are from Grenoble Technical University. They have a plan to exceed 1 million converted vehicles by 2025. As per the French Newspaper Le Dauphiné.

The concerns raised towards such methods are the hurdles placed by bureaucracy. The newspaper “Süddeutsche Zeitung” states such ideas to be a hobbyist car. The challenge for converting a traditional vehicle is also not just a solution provider.

That has been labeled as a greater challenge than the conversion itself. One of the major problems identified by the Vincenzo Lucà of TÜV-Süd is the conversion of a traditional vehicles. It is no longer having the characteristics of certification.

He also addresses the critical issues due to the installation of the battery. It resulted in a change in weight. It is not meeting the desired specifications. That resulted in additional costs for rectifications of such mishap pens.

Although, Phoenix mobility offers a two-year warranty. It is not for the entire car but for the conversion kit. The idea in my opinion is not bad.

But it does raise concerns regarding the specification. Or the norms certified for a vehicle running on chargeable batteries. The idea is also no doubt eco-friendly rather than getting rid of your old car completely.

You can renovate it in a better model. As we all know how attached we get to the first car we bought with our money. It is something difficult to get rid of. And thereby with the needed requirements and repairments, wonders can be achieved even with your old car.

Source:- Business insider

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