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What are the cost differences between hydrogen vehicles and electric cars?

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The cost differences between hydrogen vehicles and electric cars are as follows:

  1. Hydrogen vehicles are more expensive than electric cars. Currently, no budget options are available for hydrogen vehicles on the market.
  2. The cost to recharge the batteries of an electric vehicle ranges from $6 to $10, depending on the battery capacity and charging stations.
  3. Hydrogen cars require refueling with hydrogen gas, which can be more expensive than recharging an electric vehicle.
  4. The infrastructure for hydrogen refueling stations is limited compared to the widespread availability of electric charging stations. It affects the convenience and cost of such a vehicle.
  5. Electric cars are designed with a lower overall cost of ownership due to lower maintenance and operating costs compared to hydrogen vehicles.

Hydrogen vehicles are designed with many advantages such as quick refueling and longer driving range, and higher cost of purchasing and refueling a hydrogen vehicle with a limited infrastructure, making electric cars a more cost-effective option for consumers.

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