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Danfoss electrifying construction machines

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Danfoss Power Solutions known for being the supplier of Hydraulics and electric powertrain secured a grant of £407,112 from the UK government to electrify the construction machinery.

Well, it is great to see, that electrification is not just in one segment but even construction types of machinery can also be seen experiencing the benefits.

The new funding will support Danfoss to combine electrification with its Digital Displacement technology to improve significantly the machine efficiency. The energy consumption will also be reduced to 50% by decreasing the battery size required for powering up the machine and the amount of energy needed to charge them.

As per Niall Caldwell, senior director of R&D, Digital Displacement, Danfoss Power Solutions  “For a large excavator, the daily power consumption is so high, the batteries required are the equivalent to as many as 10 typical electric car batteries, which could cost as much as the machine itself. The key, we believe, is efficiency.”

As per reports, A £25 million state-of-the-art manufacturing, research, and development facility in Edinburgh, Scotland, is already under construction by Danfoss to commercialize its Digital Displacement technology and electric drivetrains, which the company believes will transform the construction machinery sector. The facility is to officially open next year and will be called the ‘Decarbonization Hub’.

“Our new UK facility will be an important hub for Danfoss decarbonization programs. This grant from the UK government recognizes the potential of our efforts and will help us realize our plans,” said Leif Bruhn, head of Digital Displacement, at Danfoss Power Solutions. “These funds will be used to accelerate the work we’re doing to develop next-generation, climate-friendly technologies in hydraulics, digitalization, and electrification.”

Well, it shows how much the battery market is in high demand to be used in a way that can focus on reducing energy consumption. Also in heavy machinery areas, the size of the battery needs to be reduced. As with time, the battery needs to be more research but also open doors for new production lines.

Is it possible to experience the nano batteries for future vehicle segments?

Source:- News – electrive.com

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