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Who is playing the key role in DC Charging?

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The role of electronic semiconductors is very important in DC charging. The rapid rise of e-vehicles is increasing the need for infrastructure to charge the e-vehicles.

However, the cost of building infrastructure cannot be avoided. The need for fast charging stations is more important.

But if we look at the e-powered vehicles, the charging stations or the charging plugs can be installed at workplaces, public buildings, service areas, residential areas, or even in your garage. The parking spots of small coffee shops can also be utilized for charging e-vehicles.

The problem with refueling vehicles can be solved with the ability to charge the vehicle at your home. The PHEV, HEV, or MHEV got an alternative power source to recharge the vehicles by themselves via combustion engines. They can also be recharged at the socket.

The major need for such charging stations is for BEV or pure electric vehicles. As most of the automobile manufacturers are targeting the pure electric vehicle on the road by the next few years. It needs to be seen how fast the charging issues can be solved.

Also, the need for fast charging stations is required more than slow charging stations. Time is money.

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