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Can digital twins be advantageous for e-vehicle?

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The two crucial things needed for any vehicle to be top of its game, range, and performance. In the field of e-vehicle, the rapid progress in the range is very essential to dominate your success.

Currently, the ASAP-Automotive Systems and Projects involved with the Digital Twins method. The ensured hybrid vehicles provide a reduction in consumption. And hence, more range with specific recommendations to have an efficient driving style.

The Digital twins enable the virtual image testing of the functions and components. It leads to saving costs and time during the development and testing phase. The method also allows adaptation with the desired test specification at any desired time.

The Digital Twins ensures the optimized development phases with constant data availability. A major advantage is the virtual testing of the existing. New components or functions and also the knowledge about the possible errors.

And their causes eliminated at an early stage in the development phase. The technique helps in reducing the effort and hence cost in the later stage of the development production. Thereby significantly optimizing and reducing all the settings of digital twins.

The project also aims to use digital twins to answer the range. And operating condition prediction without running any real test cases. The virtual test environment helps in setting up the various environmental influences.

Also, road conditions, and signs, with numerous test scenarios simulated with virtual test drives. The process with Digital twin helps in simulating the load and driving profiles.

The virtual tests and images carried out to identify mechanical and thermal hotspots in the vehicle. The battery charging results in an ideal range with a loss-free operating state.  

In my opinion, digital twins not only help to reduce the cost. But also provides you with innumerable scenarios to run your test cases. The circumstances provide you with an economical-friendly environment.

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