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Do electricity-based fuels have higher potential?

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As per experts and researchers in this field, electricity-based fuels hold promising potential. But why so?

The innovation, ideas, and investment are aiming for one goal, to help bridge the gap by drives and energy sources with whole different ranges. One of the alternative methods is hydrogen fuel cell where the platform is widely used to save 2.4 million tons of CO2 if a green hydrogen fuel cell is used.

In comparison to that, electricity-based fuel can save up to 16.9 million tons and could be mixed with products produced from crude oil i.e. diesel or petrol. 

So, if we focus on saving CO2 emission on a wider scale then definitely electricity-based fuels vehicle will win but if we like to have other options rather than just following the predictions then we can have a fair share of experience with other alternative methods. 

Also, as per the article faz.net, a greater number of the production facility is required for such fuels to be working in combination with mixed diesel or petrol. The predictions are also stated to be working in accordance if additional solar or wind power plants are involved. Even Biofuels are also playing a substantial role in the platform’s concept. 

In my opinion, even though we can compare the value of which fuel is going to add more value to achieve our target in the long run but the alternative fuels that are adding significantly lesser value should not be judged or neglect.

After all, it should be a collaboration of all fuels being used in different designs in a different mode of transportation. Who doesn’t want to try out vehicles with a hydrogen fuel cell or Biofuel cell and add their experience in their life? 

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