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Which driving range do APAC consumers expect from EVs?

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How much do we know about the APAC region?

Have you thought about the things you would like to decide before deciding on an EV? Is it just the brand or the new features or is it the mileage?

The utmost necessary need for any consumer to purchase an EV is the need of range a vehicle can drive and how far it can take you. The more mileage it covers, you get more profit out of your investment.

The survey analysis of the APAC region:-

50 miles

Analysis of the APAC region for 50 miles

100 miles

Analysis of the APAC region for 100 miles

200 miles

Analysis of the APAC region for 200 miles

But, there is a percentage of population who doesn’t know, and cannot be neglected with such information.

Analysis of the APAC region consumers

Apparently Japan, seems to be quite high in not knowing about the mileage, but maybe they are not interested or not with the latest trends.

In my opinion, the region analysis shows the knowledge. The consumer expectations from such analysis or survey reports. There is a gap of information among the consumer.

The industry or the company makes use of the gap. The more awareness and transparency company can provide them to their selected markets. Can lead to a trustworthy relationship between his consumer and the selected market?

A trustworthy relationship and awareness of the company can lead to a better image among the company. It shows the company does value the APAC market consumer also. Even the smallest queries are handle with care.

Source:- Deloitte

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