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How important is fast charging for e-buses?

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The new fast-charging technique for e-buses can let the charging be done in 2.5hrs to 3hrs. It is quite effective with the new technical specifications and electronic units.

The DC fast charging is equipped with a real-time control unit by E-troFit. The automotive control unit is from In-Tech Smart charging, a subsidiary in In-Tech.

The conversion kit from E-troFit helps in converting the diesel buses into environmentally-friendly electric buses. The company doesn’t compromise with the international standards of functional safety.

The company is strictly following the guidelines for a cleaner environment with clean electric vehicles. An emission-free vehicles fleet is provided with economical and sustainable control instruments.

The main focus is to efficiently charge the electrified vehicle batteries and hence a real-time control unit is the best solution for fast charging. With the success of the current effective controllers in e-buses. Other fleet vehicles will also be equipped with new controllers.

The integration of the controller in the vehicle is via the CAN interface. The control unit is also responsible for communication with the charging station and monitoring the charging process.

The controller is also enabled for AC charging and upgrading the older architectures with ISO 15118 functionalities. The charge control unit also complies with ISO 15118 or DIN 70121 for DC charging. The IEC 61851 and ISO 15118 for AC charging.

The control unit was developed as per the automotive standard ISO 26262 and ASIL-B compliant. The charging plug temperature monitoring, LEDs status, and the plug interlocks are monitored.

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