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Which countries offered the knowledge support to purchase electric cars?

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In 2018, a survey done by Observatoire Cetelem shows the knowledge support by various countries in regards to purchasing e-cars.

The survey result shows the market knowledge among the consumer or the people working in those countries. It shows the market knowledge about a new concept among the consumer.

In the end, if the market is well aware of new technology, it will be easier for the manufacturer to have a better conversation and sell their product for a larger profit.


In my opinion, the more awareness and positive knowledge or benefits of electric cars are widespread, the easier it is to attract a wider audience.

Anyhow any market is tough and new investors do take time but a well-informed or knowledgeable crowd always helps to provide a solid guide map to increase your profits or get more investments.

As you can see, the countries, that are well informed about e-cars are well advanced in new innovations or finding solutions to the problems coming in the way of electric cars. The more you can acquire knowledge about new concepts available in the market, the easier it is for you to solve problematic situations.

Source:- Observatoire Cetelem

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