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What common defects were identified in e-charging stations in Germany?

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In 2018, a survey was conducted by ADAC, around 53 charging stations in Germany were examined, providing a wide amount of results and defects genuinely identified in e-charging stations in Germany.

Even though Germany is equally participating and completely redesigning the electric vehicle industry, there are small kinds of stuff looking insignificant but if you view it in a long term may become a major issue to handle.

Six main defects are identified in e-charging stations in Germany:-

  1. No charging cost information at the charging station.
  2. De facto parking time is not limited.
  3. No information about the price per unit at the charging station.
  4. The charging station was recognized badly at 25 meters.
  5. Charging is not possible without any special access authorization (ad hoc charging).
  6. Costs information after charging neither at charging station nor in-app.
e-charging stations in Germany

One of the crucial issues is to identify a charging station. Since a pure electric vehicle needs more amount of fuel to drive than a traditional vehicle. A problem in recognizing the charging station badly can be a major obstacle in the long run and need an immediate solution.

The time limit is also something that needs to be worried about. If there is no information about the proper time limit or the required costs, then it will become a problem for customers to plan and have an idea of how much time and money they need to have in their hands.

In my opinion, in today’s era, a digitally advanced era where you get information with just a touch of a button either through Siri or Alexa fails to provide a rough estimation about money and time is not easy to digest. The consumer in the market needs to be well advised about the time and how much they need for future purposes.

Source:- ADAC

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