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The E-Scooters market in India

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The market is a hike with the new E-scooter manufacturers providing the latest design with different technical features. The Indian market is well known for its 2W more than 4W.

Be it for office goers or college students. 2W also solves the gender issues. It is available for anybody in the market. You also don’t need a license for the majority of the market. The demand of the market exceeds anything. However, the cost is the major factor and also the performance of the scooter.

At the recent 14th EV Expo event, EVRA and E-went showcased their products.

Evra’s founder is VS Chauhan. The company entered the electric vehicle business market in 2015. The company is already involved in E-Scooters and E-Rickshaws. The company is using removable Li-Ion batteries that can be connected to any power outlet. The company is also venturing into E-bikes. The two products high-speed e-bikes Heltor and Luster are also going to be soon in the market.

The company provides the following expertise:- Less than 16 paise per km, No registration required for low-speed models, Runs on electricity, Portable Battery, Up to 70-100 Km reach on a single charge, and is Eco-friendly.

The company is selling three products, EX1, EX2, and EX3.

Check out one of its latest products an electric scooter.

E-went is the brand name for the Saraogi Group products. The company launched its E2W and E3W. The company is located in Kolkata. In E3W, the company got products like electric passenger rickshaws, electric cargo rickshaws, and electric delivery vans.

The company launched its products at the 14th EVO Expo event in Kolkata, MARIUM, MIO, and RABBITOR,

In my opinion, the consumer is provided with a variety of products from different manufacturers. The only thing is the durability and the stability of such products on a long-term basis. What about the after sale service? And finally the Li-Ion battery. Is it worth spending money on such a product?  

With the current mishaps with the electric batteries. The reasons have been countless but the failure of the technicality to handle such a primary issue can not be neglected. Even though the cost and other factors have to be taken care of, the mishaps have to be guaranteed by the products.

A vehicle has always been a life risk adventure. Even with everything, mishaps cannot be denied however, the electric vehicle market is a very new chapter in the Automobile industry and it cannot accept any chapter with large mishaps resulting in life risk.

So let us hope for the best!!

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