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Are E-vehicles the best CO2 problem solution?

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E-vehicles- Yes, it is!

One of the best innovative methods for tackling the CO2 emission problem is the electrification of modern vehicles. It is not 100% but around 90% of the emission problem can be handled.

Well, something to be done is better than nothing at all.

As per the research finding from the team of the University of the Federal  Armed Forces in Munich, electrification is the best way to handle the greenhouse gas emission problem. The technique helps in reducing the pollutants emitted by the vehicle and scrapping them up in total.

The survey findings conducted in 2020 were based on the result compared from more than 790 passenger cars. The plug-in hybrid and fully electric vehicles have shown a remarkable result with a reduction of 73% and 89% in emission respectively compared to a conventional vehicle.

Another solution other than an electric vehicle is the fuel cell vehicles that can reduce the greenhouse gas emissions to a significant amount. With the present gray hydrogen, around 60% of the emission problem can be reduced.

The one that needs to be addressed is the production of battery electric vehicles that have the highest emission during production but when the battery electric vehicle is used and recycled back again, it performs much better than a conventional vehicle.

In my opinion, along with electric vehicles, the other alternative hydrogen-based solutions can also help in increasing the range of choice. Also, the problem of refueling or recharging can be addressed together.

Since the current fuel cell vehicles are also round the corner. If the charging stations can be structured altogether, it can help the customers not to wait much longer.

But will the market of the electric vehicle be affected? The problem of not providing the mileage compared to the conventional cars is not avoidable. And the cost will also be a major factor.

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