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What is an electric autonomous mover?

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A strategic collaboration between Benteler EV systems, Beep, and Mobileye vehicle companies for a fully electric autonomous mover. The purpose is for both private and public use in North America.

The collaboration has been done due to key experience gathered by the different companies in various sectors. Beep in micro-transit and mobility solutions. Benteler EV systems in design and manufacturing of automotive solutions. Mobileye in automated driving solution.

Electric autonomous mover

They are focusing on the first and last mile. They are covering the distance between the location and the nearest access point to public transport in urban locations. The collaboration is aiming for an SAE level 4 autonomous electric vehicle meeting the automotive industry standards and public road safety standards.

The autonomous EV mover system is from Benteler, powered by Mobileye’s self-driving system and complemented by Beep’s deployment and operating systems, technologies, and services.

If we look deep into each company, we can say:-

Benteler EV systems are specialized in electric vehicle technologies and are known for scalable and modular electric vehicle platforms. The company is involved in the industrialization and production of an autonomous mover.

Mobileye is the market leader in the leading computer-aided vision solutions as driver assistance in the market for the manufacturing of autonomous vehicles. The company is involved in distributing autonomous fleets in Israel, Germany, Japan, China, France, and the United States.

Beep proved its success stories with many autonomous electric shuttles on the public road. The aim of eliminating the carbon-emissions can be accompanied by replacing fossil fuel-based transport services. The company’s experience with National Highway Traffic Safety Administration helped in developing more safety-based new platforms.  

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