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What will be the global net worth of electric batteries?

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The global market size for electric vehicles in 2019 was around 115 billion US dollars. Whereas in the near future, by 2026, the global market size is going to increase 5 times higher than the current market net worth.

The forecasted revenue for electric vehicles in 2026 is going to be 567.2 billion US dollars. So what do you think about the net worth of electric batteries? The essential fuel of electric vehicles.

The market growth is in billion US dollars. The market is expanding twice the present value. A survey conducted by the BIS Research shows the steady growth rate of the electric batteries market size:-

The market size of global electric vehicle batteries

In another survey by PR  Newswire, the wireless electric vehicle charging market size is 16 million US dollars in 2020 and 234 million US dollars in 2027.

But how about the cost of the lithium-ion battery packs per Kilowatt hour. In a report by Bloomberg New Energy Finance, the cost is reduced every year by a huge rate per KWH. News that is good for electric vehicle customers or consumers.

If there is a reduction in the vehicle fuel cost, the subsequent travel or transport cost can also be under control.

Global cost for Lithium-ion electric batteries over the years.

The electric vehicle public chargers in the market are spread into fast and slow chargers. Some consumers would like to go for the usual charging time whereas some of them would like to top up the speed of the vehicle charge with extra pay.

Well, it depends, how much your battery can hold the different capabilities of charging. And how long? As we have experience with our smartphones, batteries have been the major issue and problem. But for now, a survey by IEA and EAFO shows the number of fast and slow chargers available in different countries:-

Public charging station for electric batteries and vehicles.

Source:- Statista (Electric vehicles)

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