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Which electric vehicle models got sold more in the USA in 2019?

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The race to conquer the electric vehicle market is not just about the automobile manufacturing industry but also about the electric models. Which electric models are conquering the USA market in 2019 and in what ratio?  

Often times, it provides a clue about the mindset of the consumer. Is it something with the new models that the consumers are being driven around, status symbols, or being up to date in the trends?

Is it with the young generation or the enthusiastic nature of the consumer to have an electric car in their garage and talk about the experience involved with the new model of transportation into the market?

Sales of electric models in 2019 in the USA.

As the survey result clearly shows, Tesla owned by an immigrant is definitely leading the market and driving the scenario with the latest models.

And with its upcoming models, it is definitely capturing the market, raising the bar of the market. The innovative approach of redefining the traditional industry and providing the vehicles at a price available to the average consumer is no doubt a trend that needs not be missed.

Source:- Statista (Electromobilitaet)

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