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How interesting the electric vehicle theme is in Germany?

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As each automobile industry is turning into a pure or hybrid electric vehicle. What about the German consumers? Are they interested in electric vehicle concepts?

A survey conducted by BDEW shows the following result in 2019,

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Well, it’s interesting to see that more than 25% are not much into electric vehicles. And only 7.1% in Germany are willing to go for a change and buy an electric vehicle.

A very well-liked automotive purchase among the US or even China population saw a decline in interest in Germany.

The automobile industry is very much dependent on the consumer. But definitely, there will be a hidden push from the manufacturers to make a good sell with electric vehicles even in Germany.

Interesting people from Germany is around 22% but there is a sharp rise in the negative direction for electric vehicles. Around 26% of the German consumers are not even interested to read about the information available on electric cars. Kind of scary though.

As the country has been seen as a pioneer in technology or the latest innovations among the top players around the world. But when you are surveyed with the normal audience, you just get a different glimpse of the latest automobile tech industry.

Source:- BDEW

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