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The three new big launches in the Electric vehicle segment

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The world got amazed by the three new big launches from Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and TATA Motors. The excitement can be seen among the consumer to get the taste of the luxury segment in the electric vehicle sector.

The market is open to a variety of electric segments in different comfort segments for all purposes to be resolved by the consumer. It just shows that even though the traditional engine got replaced by a lithium-ion battery, comfort and luxury can be avail at the same rates.

The market opens the doors for the new players, however, the traditional key automakers need to prove their automobile knowledge and prove themselves that they are the legends in the automobile sector. Be it a traditional ICE engine, a battery-driven vehicle, or an Autonomous vehicle.

  • Mercedes Benz EQS– The all-new electric EQS SUV was premiered on a wide world scale at 6 pm on April 15. The 7-seater EQS SUV is designed smoothly with a huge 108kWh battery that provides a range of roughly 370 miles in the longest-range 450+ model.

The battery can be recharged with 200kW public fast chargers and the range can be boosted up by 186 miles in 15 minutes. (according to WLTP).

The Mercedes EQS SUV is designed with a single motor in rear-wheel-drive 450+ models and with dual motors in 4W-drive 580 guises. The 360hp 450+ model can accelerate 0-60mph in 6.2 seconds whereas 544hp 580 model in 4.7 seconds.

The SUV is designed with adaptive air suspension for the bumps with rear-wheel steering for more stable performance at high speed. The front interior consists of a whole dashboard with three display screens in a single large glass. The back seats are also electrically adjustable to slide forward up to 130 mm.

The EQS SUV is designed with full-width brake light. The car front is designed with a blanked-off grille, near-identical bumpers, and fancy-looking headlights with new triangular running lights. It is expected to launch in India for 1.75 crores in October 2022.

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Source: Mercedes-Benz-EQS
  • BMW i7 xDrive50 all-electric SedanThe i7 is designed with a kidney grille and impressive crystal glass headlights. The design enhances aerodynamics and any undesigned noises are eliminated.

The interior of the i7 sedan is equipped with a 31” Theater screen, 5G connectivity via Personal eSim, up to 8K resolution, Amazon Fire TV compatibility, and a high-end sound system integrated into the vehicle.

The i7 covers 0-60 mph in 4.5 sec with a range of up to 300 miles, a maximum horsepower of 536 hp, and 10 minutes of DC fast charging can boost the 80 miles coverage. As per WLTP, i7 can provide a range of 625km.

The luxury vehicle is equipped with ventilated, heated, and massage comfort seats for long trips. The dashboard is designed with an all-new Curved display with interactive glass bar features for ambient and dynamic illumination.

The vehicle rooftop is designed with a panoramic sky view with an LED roof dazzles with graphic design, bright light intensity, dynamic LED control, and customized colors. The doors are automatic with stunning light surrounding the exterior of the vehicle.

The i7 cockpit includes an iDrive 8 operating system, wireless Apple CarPlay & Android Auto with Intelligent Personal Assistant, and adjustable modes settings. It is an alternative to EQS and the Tesla Model S with an expected price of Rs.250 crore and is to be launched in 2023.

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  • TATA AvinyaThe Gen3 architecture model competes with the traditional automakers in the luxury segment. It is launched by the TATA Passenger Electric Mobility (TPEM). The gliding side ‘butterfly’ doors, spacious interior, functional console-inspired steering wheel, and voice-activated systems for a deeper interface.

The luxurious interior and sustainable materials are used in the vehicles. It provides a coverage of a minimum 500kms range in 30 minutes. It is designed with structural safety, driver assists, water, and dustproof technology.

The expected price for TATA Avinya is Rs.30 lakhs.

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