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Which small mini-electric vehicle are you interested in?

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Well, you got the electric vehicle from Tesla to BMW to Porsche but what about only for 1 seater or 2 seaters. An economically friendly budget electric car to solve your urban traveling life problems.

If you are comfortable with bikes then why not go for some coolest design and futuristic EVs available on the market:-

  • Wuling Mini EV: It is a battery-electric micro car. It was manufactured in collaboration with SAIC-GM-Wuling in 2020.  It is even beating Tesla in the china market. It has got both a hatchback and a convertible. It is designed for four-seaters with AC, power windows, stereo system, storage, and compartments. It got safety features such as anti-lock brakes, tire pressure monitoring sensors, rear parking sensors, and a driver airbag. The power is 20 kW, torque is 85 Nm, and top speed is 100 km/h. The battery capacity is 9.2 kWh for 120km or 13.8 kW for 170 km. It got a lithium-ion battery. The price range is $4500-$6000.
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  • Volkswagen NILS: It got the look of a sports car. It is also backed by the German Federal Ministry of Transport, Building, and Urban development. The powertrain weighs only 41.8 pounds. HMI concept with driver airbag, heating/Ventilation, seat like XL1, and seat heating as well. It is a 1 seater with windscreen heating. E-motor with rear-wheel drive, li-ion battery with media devices, and electric vehicle navigation system. Double wishbone suspension front/rear and ABS/ESP. A front assist, city emergency brake, and ACC with Stop&Go. 15 kW power with a boost to 25 kW. The top speed is 80mph. It can cover 0-62 mph in 11 seconds.
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electric vehicle
International Auto Fair
  • Citroen Ami: It is a two-seater quadricycle vehicle produced in 2020. The battery capacity is 5.5 kWh lithium-ion. The electric motor is 6 kW with a range of 75 km operating at 48V. It can be recharged to 80% in three hours. It is available at $8500 only.
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Source: Citreon Ami
  • Renault twizy: It is a two-seater electric microcar. It is a quadricycle with an output power of 4 kW for the 45 model or 13 kW for the 80 models. It covers a range of 90km with a battery capacity of  6.1 kWh li-ion battery. It got an ISKRA asynchronous motor with a single-gear transmission. The battery is not included with the car but is on lease every month.
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Source: twizy
  • Uniti One: It is by a Swedish automotive startup. It is a 2-seater model but later upgraded to a 4/5 seat model. Modern safety features with sensors and ADAS safety technologies to avoid crashes. It can cover a 240 km range, top speed is 130 km/h. The battery capacity is 26 kWh. With a DC fast charging, it can recharge to 80% in 25 minutes. It got power of 37 kW.
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Source: Uniti
  • Eli Zero: It is manufactured by a Chinese company. A two-seater car with a top speed of 25mph. The maximum range is 70 miles. For a recharge with a level 2 outlet, 2.5 hours, and at home, 5 hours for charging the battery. The responsive BERS ensures the vehicle’s safety during braking. It got a rear view camera with a keyless start and a sunroof.
  • Honda Neu-V: It can also be used as an automated ride-sharing vehicle, pick up and drop off at the local destination. During high demand, it can sell the energy back to its grid or monetize it during downtime. It is also a thoughtful and helpful AI assistant for utilizing the “emotion engine.”The emerging technology is known as HANA (Honda Automated Network Assistant) by Honda and SoftBank.
  • Smart EQ: It is available in Smart EQ Fortwo and Smart EQ ForFour. The electric motor is 60 kW. The top speed is 130 km/h. The battery capacity is 17.6 kWh. It is a 2-seater hatchback. The acceleration is 0-100 km/h in 11.5 sec. It is launched for $24,950. It can be recharged to 80% in 40 minutes with a fast charger and with a 7.4 kW home power socket, 3 hours and 18 minutes, and with a 3kW charger, 8 hours 13 minutes

In my opinion, Wuling mini EV is the best for its cool and refreshing look. It is futuristic and best for city life. Uniti One for its futuristic look and the availability in 2 or 4/5 seaters with the coolest tech features.

But Honda Neu V is definitely crossing the chart. With its modern design, clean and detailed work in the interior as well exterior. And not just for a ride for your self but you can use the autonomous feature and use it as a ride-sharing venture. Maybe start with small.

With daily commuting issues and traffic problems in big cities, such futuristic vehicles definitely can nail your problem of parking or finding your way on a busy road.

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