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What was the situation of electric vehicles in 2018?

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The kind of thrill can be seen among the consumer and the manufacturers in the various segments of electric vehicles.

What do you think? The consumer had the same thoughts and expectations about electric vehicles in 2018? Or they were reluctant about its possibility? The cost or the fear of changing to something different or an alternate drive type of vehicle.

As per a survey done by puls Marktforschung, the top leaders in the production of electric vehicles are: –

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So, what about the market size or the market readiness for buying a battery electric vehicle by 2019, survey conducted by Roland Berger shows that China had the highest percentage in the acceptance of the battery electric vehicle or ready to buy such a pure battery electric vehicle.

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What about the choices being given to each consumer? A pure electric vehicle or hybrid vehicle? The survey result shows that majority of the people are interested in hybrid vehicles. May be due to the lack of a charging station for the pure electric vehicle. The problem is present.

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In my opinion, the market in 2021 and in 2022 will be completely different compared to 2018. It is definitely nobody thought that the fire of electric vehicles will catch so fast in every country.

That the automobile manufacturer had to change its course of action toward the traditional vehicle and took a steep turn toward the new automobile concept. It will be great to watch electric vehicles being on road in a huge number. Not just in developed countries but also in emerging countries.

The way new model and a variety of segments has been introduced in an electric vehicle, the competition is high and tough. It is shaping or even reshaping the old industries or even new automobile industries.

Sources:- puls Marktforschung, Roland Berger,Observatoire Cetelem; Consorsbank

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