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How far are electric vehicles evolving in European and Scandinavian countries?

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What we know today about the EV market are the established brands and key car manufacturers. But how about the successful evolution journey of electric vehicles in European and Scandinavian countries?

As per Swissinfo, the progress of the EV market in Norway is two times of the EV market in Switzerland. Looking at the trends, Norway is the leading country in the EV market. The comparison of Norway and Switzerland over the years:-

EV evolutions in Norway and Switzerland

The evolution of EVs over the years

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Noway is using the incentives model to attract customers to buy EVs. However, the Norway model cannot be used in Switzerland due to the heavy cost involved. It is estimated to be CHF2 billion in Switzerland as per Martin Winder, Head of Transport projects at the Transport and Environment Association (VCS/ATE).

The statement was also supported by François Launaz, president of the car importer association Auto Schweiz,

“I think we need to remain realistic. Norway has decades of advance over all other countries. To want to impose mobility without combustion engines by 2025 in a country like Switzerland which is completely underequipped in recharging stations is utopian.”

Switzerland is also coming up with the plan of increasing the fast-charging stations per 50 motorway rest areas by the end of 2021. In Norway, more than 84% own their flats or houses but in Switzerland, 57% rent their apartments. It gives the upper hand to Norwegians to charge their vehicle at their home compare to Swiss people.

Looking at the current trends, Germany passed a bill to allow the tenants to install an EV charging station at their homes. Something that Swiss people also can turn into. The Swiss market is expecting more than 5mn EVs and 5.5mn electric LCV on road by 2050.

Norway is completely gearing up for EVs on roads with more electric and hybrid cars by 2025. China is also way ahead compared to any other country. The government is reducing the subsidies on EVs more to push the automakers to focus on more innovation. The policies are taken care of strongly by the Chinese government. One of the big auto manufacturers, Volvo owned by Geely is planning to manufacture only electric or hybrid vehicles. Tesla also opened their huge manufacturing factory in China.

The number of electric vehicles sold in Q1 2020 in Europe are:-

The number of electric cars sold in Switzerland by canton in 2019:-

No. of EVs sold in Switzerland by canton

The number of electric cars sold in 2019 by canton

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The EV charging station per 100 km in Europe:-

Even though the improvements are speeding on a high scale. The impossible innovation proved to be possible. But as per environmentalists doubt the benefits of a battery-powered car to be beneficial compared to combustion engines.

A report by Swedish Energy Agency shows that small electric cars are more energy-efficient after 30,000 Km (18,641 miles) whereas a big electric car covers 100,000 km. (62,137 miles).

So, do you think we are heading to a 100% solution or will it be supporting vehicles to petrol or diesel-run vehicles?

Source:- Statista

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