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Are electric vehicles the only solution for handling climate challenges?

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The major issue to face in climate challenges is CO2 emissions in the transport sector. The aim is the reduction in CO2 emission from the transport section by 40 percent down, an important target goal to achieve by 2030. One of the forthcoming groups to be promoting an open attitude to technology and encouraging initiative for such knowledge is the National Platform called “Future of Mobility”. 

The platform has been established by the Federal Government where open technology for alternative drive systems and fuels are being promoted. Along with electric-powered cars, hydrogen-powered cars and trucks also got green signals and a futuristic solution for more research and innovation. Nonetheless, electricity-based fuels hold higher potential, and manufacturers and customers are more interested in electric cars but the background of technology promotion is to combat CO2 emission. 

If around 65 million tonnes of reduction can be handled by combating the annual CO2 emission by 2030, a target number by the national platform, then experts suggest the vehicle production with batteries will neutralize the CO2 emission. There are also predictions about 66,000 electric trucks with pantographs will be rolling on the motorways with a potential to address 3.9 million tonnes of CO2 saving. 

In my conclusion, in today’s age without vehicle transport, we cannot think of having a progressive society. Yes, there are more small European towns that are heavily commuted with boats or cycles but in the practical world with big metropolitan cities, we need some practical solutions where the commutation is not disturbed but evolved with new environmentally friendly technology.

The more we invest our time in solutions related to innovation, the more we can advance ourselves in protecting our neighborhood and our planet.

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