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How lucrative Swiss market is for EV manufacturers?

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The Swiss market is claiming to be top-notch when it comes to EV. The market saw a deep rise without anybody expecting magnificent results.

The data collected by Auto Schweiz shows that the Swiss market is growing not just in plug-in hybrid but also in battery-electric or even other hybrid models. In 2021, battery electric vehicles rose by 13%, plug-in hybrid by 9%, and other hybrid models by 22%.

A statement released by TCS,

“Given the ongoing technological advancements, increased social acceptance, and the ever-increasing choice of electric vehicle models, the development of electromobility is progressing faster than expected. The 50%- mark for fully electric vehicles, which most experts expected only around 2030, should therefore be reached significantly faster than expected.”

In another statement by the spokesperson Christoph Wolnik of Auto-Schweiz,

“Since the start of the computer chip crisis, automakers, and car importers have systematically prioritized electric models in their production and delivery plans.” Also, he estimated that other alternative fuel vehicles are going to surpass the 50% threshold sales by 2022, all-electric vehicles for 18-19%.

As per Statista, sales of passenger electric vehicles till 2019 in Switzerland are:- 

Total electric vehicles sold in Switzerland

The number of electric vehicles sold from 2015 to 2019.

As per Statista, registration of the electric vehicles in Switzerland till 2019 are:-

New registration of EVs in Switzerland till 2019

The number of electric vehicles registered in Switzerland till 2019.

As per Swissinfo, the comparison of different countries to purchase electric vehicles:- 

As per Statista, the Swiss market with alternative drive in 2018:-

Commercial vehicle with alternative drives

Commercial vehicles with alternative drives in Switzerland in 2018

The sales of battery electric and hybrid vehicles in Switzerland:-

Sales of alternative drives in Switzerland

Sales of battery electric and hybrid vehicles in Switzerland in 2020.

The economical stability and financial means for swiss people provide the stability to invest in new emerging technologies. As stated by Martin Bolliger, Head of the technical department of (TCS) Touring Club Switzerland,

“Usually with the adoption of new technologies, there is a so-called S-curve that starts very slow and gets steeper and steeper and at the end slows down again. I think we are at the start of the steepening slope.”

“Also, Switzerland doesn’t have an auto industry with its own agenda, so Swiss buying power has been unleashed relatively easily with relatively little opposition.”

A common goal by the Swiss Government is to be carbon neutral by 2050.

As stated by Green Party Senator Adèle Thorens told Swiss public radio,

“We are in a climate crisis. If this transition is technologically possible and economically viable it needs to happen as fast as possible.”

Overall, the Swiss market is competitive. Even though, world Statistic analysis shows Switzerland way behind to Norway, Iceland, or even Sweden. The country shows its buying power. The three Automakers, Tesla, Hyundai, and Toyota captured the Swiss market.

Ironically, all three are non-European countries. It also shows the interest by the Swiss people in non-European vehicles. Is it the style? Or the technology? Or the latest trend and the popularity of those vehicles? Tesla being the number 1 in the best-selling list shows the openness to more new Auto manufacturers.

However, the Swiss market is open to non-European vehicles in a major way.

The future is quite uncertain with the S-curve prediction, when the market goes low is quite unknown. No one knows which automakers may get to see the end or by 2050, will the market maintain the same interest as shown in the early phase. Also, will it be able to top the EU charts with the most EVs sold? I suppose we need to wait to see any such new development or transformation.

The other traditional automakers are gearing up the strength but how far they can go? Can they beat the current market choice? Is it possible to beat Tesla in the Swiss market? 

Source:- Statista

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